This Flexible LED DIY Screen KIT P30 comes with all Components

necessary to establish an Flex Screen on your Needs .


  • LED Strips

  • Power Supplies

  • T300K Controller

choose between

"chipset" (please find Specifications about difference on our Datasheet library)

  • WS2801

  • WS2811

  • WS2812b

  • WS2813

  • WS2815 coming up soon

"Surface Template"

  • Black PVC

  • Black PVC TUBED  can reach IP68

  • Clear PVC

"Pre-Cutted LED Strips Ends Soldered with 3Pin Connectors

"Including Tool-set" Optional

  • side cutter

  • heat gun

  • Wire Stripper

  • soldering Iron

  • Solder

  • Cross Screwdriver

  • Slot Screwdriver

  • 50pcs Fast Connectors

  • Shrinking Tube

Once you Purchased the Full KIT you are able to Establish an Screen with End Dimensions you were choosing in options.

Check out the DIY Video

499$ Package Content.: 1000mm X 1000mm

  • LED Strips on 5m Rolls based on 1x1m P30 aka. 30LED/m
  • Power Supplies based on 1x1m
  • LED Live and SD Controller based on 1x1m
  • 1000mm X 1000mm

All other Option´s we offer include Components Based on Dimensions you choose

  • 1500mm X 1000mm  controllers and PSU Included
  • 1500mm X 2000mm  controllers and PSU Included
  • 2000mm X 3000mm  controllers and PSU Included
  • and so on ...

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    30LED/M Flexible LED "Strip" DIY Screen KIT WS2812b/WS2813

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