DLNA Mirroring


Wireless Display Standards Explained: Air Play, Mira cast, WiDi, Chrome cast,  DLNA, Mirroring, i mirror, connect your Smart phone Tablet or Laptop to TV Wireless.HDMI allows you to connect almost any device to a TV or another external display, but HDMI requires a wired connection. Its wrong with our new DLNA Mira cast Mirror Airplay HDMI Stick you can connect your Laptop Smart phone or Tablet in seconds via WIFI DLNA is the most convenient way to present your pictures or videos. Android Smart Tv┤s by the way also support DLNA for example the CS968S Smart Tv


LED Strip set

LED Stripset

The 5050 smd LED Strip set is the most convenient solution for different purposes, use the LED Strip set in your Home, Garage, Disco, Club Bar, there are many possibility with this LED Strips set, included is an 12V LED Power Supply, LED rgb Controller and the 5 meter 5050 smd LED Strip

Ultra Violet LED Strips

Small UV promo

Super bright 5050 SMD UV ultraviolet LED Strips, high intensity and reliability Ultra Violet flexible LED strip 60 SMD UV ultraviolet LEDs per meter, total 300 LEDs for 5 meters LED Strip, Self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape, easy installation of the LED Strips, Every 3-LED cut able without damaging the rest strip Flexible ribbon for curving around bends Ultra-bright ,running at low temperature Input volts: DC 12V (12V 5A for 5 meters 5050 SMD 300LED light strip) Viewing Angle : 120┬░ Wavelengths Long life span 50,000+ hours

LED Strip Fast connectors

Fast connector-double

The LED Strip fast connector is the most convenient way to connect LED Strips no more soldering needed, cuttet LED Strips rests, Input LED Strip, output LED strip, Corners for LED strip, LED strip angle, there are many different LED strip Fast connector solutions. No more Soldering with our LED Strip fast connector.

dual line LED Strip


LED Grow light Strips

Growlight strips

LED Strips Grow light LED Strips are the right Choose if you want to Grow different kind of plants, there are studies they show that the LED Grow light Strips bring up to same results as the replacement HQI.  Tri band full spectrum Flora T5 veg bloom tube flowering is developed and supported by us. Consumption (approx. 24 watts) = Saves Electricity = Saves Money ! Very Specific wavelengths of light engineered and designed for maximum plant growth No HEAT SIGNATURE means not detectable by infrared cameras.

LED Power supply


24V DC ,12V DC, 5V DC, LED Power supply are not all we can offer our newest arrival is the dual Volts output Power Supply you can switch between 5V and 12V. The 12/5V Power supply contain all Protection issues needed to approve the CE Standards. These Power Supply could be used for LED Strips, LED Displays, LED Bulbs Mr16, and more LED aluminum rigid Bars. double line LED Strips

Dual-line LED strip/600pcs SMD LEDs/5m 5050 RGB LED Flexible Light  This 600pcs LED RGB Strip Light is to satisfy people's demand for high-brightness lumen, white light,you can replace your indoor lighting also has a good decorative effect.  Red/Green/Blue/ White/Yellow/Purple, any four can be combined 12 or 24pcs LEDs per unit; The standard length is 5M per roll. Different lengths can satisfy your variable choosing. With 3M adhesive tape back,easy for installation. Input Voltage DC24V.

dual line strip Technic
dual line strip Technic2
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